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How Do You Know If You Are In Facebook Jail?
over 3 years ago

Today, millions of people like you use the popular site called Facebook in such a way that, it has become an important part of their lives. And, though the site is considered as the most used site by around 2 billion users, still there’s an important aspect of it, which you should have definitely kept in mind while using it.


While using Facebook as a social media platform to share about your life, about your business, and about your ideas; it is also necessary to behave on the site as per its rules and regulations in order to save yourself from getting blocked from posting on Facebook platform. A minimal misuse of the Facebook site could end up with the closure of your FB account by lending you in Facebook Jail.


Now, if you’re thinking about what exactly is Facebook Jail and how to know if you’re in Facebook Jail or not, then let me tell you that the answers to all your questions mentioned below in this blog. So, keep reading further to get all your answers to avoid being blocked by Facebook and getting in Facebook Jail:


Facebook Jail


 It is a term used for punishment that Facebook users get from Facebook when they break the site’s rules and regulations. Basically it blocks/ disables someone’s power and ability to perform any kind of Facebook activity such as posting and commenting on the platform.


A user can be blocked in the form of Facebook Jail for the following given reasons:


  • First and foremost for not following Facebook Terms and Conditions and then,
  • Breaking Facebook certain rules and regulations.
  • Uploading and posting any inappropriate material on the Facebook platform
  • Getting fakes likes such as an increase in the number of likes and that too very soon.
  • Bad or unusual behavior with Facebook users
  • Misbehaving and threatening other fellow users.

So, as you can see, there are not one or two, but many reasons for which Facebook will block the user's profiles and pages from posting any content. And, for the above-mentioned reasons/offense, Facebook will lend you in Facebook Jail maybe for a few hours, 3 days, 6 days, a week, and in a worst-case scenario, maybe permanently.


Now, do not get panicked after reading this as there are also some tips which if you follow dedicatedly, you can definitely avoid being in Facebook jail. So, let’s read these 8 tips for saving yourself from Facebook Jail:


  • Avoid Spamming as it is considered an inappropriate activity by Facebook.
  • Avoid tagging unknown users and always tag your real friends as well as known-users from your Facebook friend’s list.
  • Avoid misbehaving with other Facebook users and do not get yourself in hate speech on the platform.
  • Avoid plagiarism as copying any content is against the rule.
  • Avoid posting and commenting as well as liking too much in a single day.
  • Avoid posting dirty or inappropriate content on the site as it is strictly not allowed.
  • Avoid behaving weird such as do not send friend requests to too many users at a time.
  • Lastly, make use of the Facebook site properly and effectively in order to use all its features benefits.


However, if by any chance you lend yourself in Facebook Jail and what you can do is get yourself ready to report for Facebook Jail by 'Filing an Appeal' for a Facebook review on ‘My Facebook account has been disabled’ page.

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