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How Can I See Who Visited My Facebook Profile On Mobile?
about 1 year ago

Facebook is quite a large social media platform; when you have a facebook account, to your surprise, even your account will be watched by someone whom you know (but not friends on facebook) and someone who you don’t know. So let’s learn how to see who viewed your facebook? Some people watch you because they may like you but are scared of speaking to you, while the others may stalk you to have a fake ID in your name, or to degrade your name or to misuse your photos or information in your profile. 


How to see who views your Facebook profile? (on android mobile)

You can easily find the person who stalks you by just installing an app. Surprising isn’t it? For this just go to the play store and search how to find who stalks me on facebook. Not only on Facebook, you can also find the people who stalk you on instagram, twitter or any other social media. 


How to see who views your Facebook? (iOS device)

iOS is pretty much more secure than all the other devices, so you can’t just find the people who stalk you by installing an app. Anyhow, iOS has a feature to find people who stalk you. You can find it just in your profile. Many say that due to safety, this feature has been disabled. But just try and see, since it’s worth giving it a try.


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