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Best free music download sites for android phones
9 months ago

Music, only the word itself is enough to start a thought process of your favourite song's lyrics.

It is not incorrect to say that everyone in this world has felt the power of music.

Music has been a profound source of entertainment for generations.


Now times have changed, everything is online including music too.

It has made the lives of music lovers very easy and with music lovers, we meant everyone we guess.

Now you can listen to any music anytime without waiting for your favourite song for hours like we used to do during the radio era, remember.


You can find dozens of free music websites on the internet which will enable you to download any music for free but the problem is that not all of them are legal and safe.

So to rescue this problem of yours we have selected some of the best websites to download" free music download legal".


Websites for free music download 


As we said that we have made a list of "legal music downloads".


Here is the list, you can check out these websites to download free music.


  • SoundClick
  • Audionautix
  • SoundCloud
  • ReverbNation
  • Noisetrade
  • Beat stars

Above are some of the best websites that you can consider to download free music anytime, anywhere.



As we said, technology and the Internet has made our lives simple. The air we used to just listen to our favourite song once has gone, now we can download and listen to any music, anytime according to our mood.


The only issue is that when you head towards downloading music from a website, there is no surety that the site you are downloading songs from is reliable and safe.


We suggest you check the website's credibility once before downloading the song and we hope that the list we have provided will assist you in downloading your favourite music.

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